Monday, 22 April 2013

Yosemite 2013

Dear Vedant,

We had a great holiday in Yosemite this weekend. Yosemite is a national park about 4 hours from our home in San Jose. I couldn’t believe that, some place so green, so natural and preserved would be so very close to the home of technology and innovation. 

We stayed in a little cabin, made of wood. We were supposed to stay in a tent, but papa, knowing that I wasn’t keen on roughing it out J got us upgradedJ. It was our little place under the sun. Bua, fufa ji and Anika also came with us. You got attention from one and all and were basking in all the love. My most favourite memory is of Ani didi, as you call her, wheeling you around in the High Chair. This happened in the lovely dining hall, where we pretty much reserved a spot for us. She would take you to say “Hi” to the bear and bring you back. You loved it!

You also liked the “Waterfall, pani wala, big big”, as you described it. I can picture you flapping your arms for “big big” J. You wanted to see the waterfall again and again. You behaved very well though, to my utter happiness. When it was time to sleep, I said, it is ninni time, please come lie down and you did. Also, sleeping while hugging you was priceless joy! We did plenty of “ghusi ghusi” sleep.

We also played in the snow; you threw snow balls in the water. However, one thing really freaked me and Dad out. You wanted to play in the puddle and you ran towards one next to the road, it was really scaryL. Thankfully, no cars went by then. At that time, I gave you a time out, I wish I hadn’t now. I hope you know why, I was really scared.

Source of your good looking genes :)
Also, Mr Vedant Agarwaggi, we lost you for a bit. I thought you followed Papa and he thought you are with me. You were however out there bringing spoons and forks for everyone J I just bought a backpack with a safety harness for our trip to Disneyland. You are going to be on a short leash my dear.


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