Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sponge painting with Amma

Dear Vedant,

You had been asking me for a couple of days “dip karke color karna”. I am not sure where you saw it being done. Perhaps you saw it in Gymboree or the Children’s museum. I have to ask Aunty – note to self. You and I did it today. It was so much fun! You chose what shape, what color to go with and where to put it. After your turn was done, I’d ask for my turn. The first time you were a little reluctant to share but soon you got the hang of it. You would do it once and then give it to me and say “ab amma turn”. It was nice. 

I even hung your art work in the house. I wish I had a picture of it, I do not L. You showed it to Papa and Aunty too later. Great memories in the making. You asked me to do it again this morning, Amma didn’t have time today kanna, I will do it after I come back from India.

Lots of love

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