Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Goodnight hugs, goodbye hugs.

Dear Vedant,

I am really glad to see you become a loving boy. I have been teaching you to say “Jai jai, good morning, good night, bye bye” to avva-tatha/ dadi-baba on the iPad. We also made a routine of it with Aunty. And now you do it yourself. When Aunty is leaving, you ask for a hug and Kissi. Tonight, when we were leaving Bua-Fufaji’s place, you said “bye bye” to everyone and I asked you to give Ani didi a good night hug. You hugged her, said “good night” and then hugged Fufaji and Bua too. They all loved it J 

I am hoping that you will grow into a kind, generous, loving man. Dad might have other ideas though! He says “mere bête ko sissy bana diya”. I know he is happy too about your good behavior, I will leave it to the two of you to figure out the “masti” bit when you are older. I know Dad is going to spoil you in his loving, special way J


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