Monday, 1 April 2013

Saying Good night with Elmo and “Tinkle Stars”

Dear Vedant,

Here is our routine for going to bed these days. Dinner, play time and then we go upstairs with your milk and water. You then get a night diaper, wear your night suit. This is followed by “Show Papa”, which involves Papa gushing over how cute you are looking in your night suit and you giggling/ blusing away to glory. Then we finish the milk with stories, do our good night brush and send papa away. I then put you in the crib, these days you have been saying “Mama sulaye”, which means “carry me and put me in the crib” instead of you trying to climb in yourself. I don’t mind, I am not going to be able to carry you forever J Finally, I sing Elmo loves you. You usually say “Piggies wala again”. Then comes “Tinkle Stars”. By this time, you are rubbing your eyes and I make my exit J I am glad we have a routine, you know what is coming and are waiting for it too. Just want to remember the details my dear.


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