Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Rohini Aunty and Many firsts...

Dear Vedant,

We have been living in Camille Circle for a little over an year now. My first interaction with Rohini aunty was when she came over to meet us with a gift in tow for you. It had only been a few days since we had moved in. Since then our relationship has grown and there have been many moments we have spent together. There have been many firsts for you all along...

First Toy ever.. the Cow..
First Car for diwali..
First diwali celebration
First Halloween hug
First playmate in Arshia
First Neighbor that you can actually visit
First home you are comfortable in beside your own
First aunty that spoils you rotten
First kitchen beside mine where you know the where the cookies are at
First baby that is younger than you to play with.. Anshikka
First time you had upma
First bday celebration (at home, when we were all sick)
First Aunty that disciplines when you are naughty
First Aunty that I can leave you with knowing you are going to be happy
First Aunty that you are always happy to see
First home you always want to visit
First playdate (when I was at work)
First Lego blocks

There have been many firsts with Rohini Aunty. We are very lucky to have her close by. You have  received so much love from her, Arshia and Anuraag uncle, it is really amazing. 

Always remember those who love you and care for you,

Octopus music...

Dear Vedant,

This particular post is sooooo long due. It has been a draft for a long time. I wanted to remember the Octopus toy that you play with. It has to be the most value for money toy that we have, may be a close competitor to the Jumperoo which you loved too.

Fufa Ji (Dad's sister's husband) gave it to you for your first birthday. You play with the balls, look for them under the shoe. But the clincher is the Octopus music. In fact, not just the music, it is ONE particular song. You keep pushing the buttons until that song comes on. And then you are dancing. Bouncing up and down on your knees.

Very cute, Also good to see you do the cause-effect connection.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Gymboree Level 4

Dear Vedant,

I wanted to remember how we moved you to Level 4 classes in Gymboree. BTW before you get all excited the Levels don't have anything to do with "skill level/ achievement" just purely age group based :) Initially you were enrolled in the 8 to 16 months group. You were always the oldest kid in the group. You weren't interested in sitting down and listening, you were more into exploring the play area on your own or looking at cars in the parking lot. You still do this btw in the Level 4 class.

Anyhow, I tried one class and saw that you liked it much better. More kids your age, more age appropriate activities. So here you are in Level 4 for 16 to 22 month olds.

My hope is from Gymboree that you will learn to be comfortable around other children, around other adults in teaching capacities and in general a playroom/ class environment.

Aunty takes you during the weekdays, I come to Monday 5.30 pm class, I am so glad I am able to do that. It is nice to see you interact with others. One of the teachers told me this Monday that you now recognize her and that you guys are "bonding". :) I hope you find such nurturing teachers everywhere.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

First trip to the zoo

Dear Vedant,

Today was your first trip to the Zoo. So much fun, also tiring though. We came back home and you and I crashed for an hour on the sofa, total chipkoo mood. We also slept on the way back in the car, poor dad did all the driving. Amma did drive on the way to the Zoo though, so it was not all unfair :)

Bahut maza aaya aaj. Dad found the Lion
the most impressive. I liked the Penguins a lot, they were so cute. I also was very impressed by the Sheer SIZE of the Asian Rhino. From a distance we thought it was a Jumbo, an elephant that is.

You loved the Bhalu as we expected. You were really happy to see a Bear. You also liked the ducks. I think you got a little scared when the Lioness was growling. You fed the Goats too, and found that fun after a while. Good day overall.

Dad does not like the Zoo much since it takes animals away from their natural habitat and restricts/ cages them. I agree, some day we should go to Africa and see animals in their "home", do a safari trip. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

Love Amma.

PS: Dad dressed himself and then changed again. He wanted to wear a Yellow striped T-shirt, just like yours!! Also, it was Father's day yesterday, not that we need a day, since you are papa's fan anyway.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Dear Vedant,

I want you to know that you are a very cuddly, huggy, chipkoo, golu molu baby. Daddy says you take after me, I don't disagree! You have become so cuddly in the last few weeks. It is cute and also scary, I have to hold you back from hugging too tight.

You keep hugging folks you like, especially other children Arshia, Anshikka and Anurag. When we went to Del Valle park with Rohini Aunty and co, you hugged Arshia when she was sitting on a chair, you put your head on her lap and just slept for a bit. It is really sweet.

Just don't hurt someone is what I keep telling you, be gentle, be nice, be soft... but it is very cute.