Tuesday, 22 May 2012

We have a climber in the house!

Dear Vedant,

What you did today was so funny! Very unexpected too! You stood up on the stool, pulled yourself up to take something from a shelf. It was so cute! Although this means now we have to keep the stool away from shelves, tables and the kitchen.

But it was super cute, another way in which you are being independent.

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Mumma Mumma Mumma X n

Dear Vedant,

I wish i could record this voice of yours that rings "Mumma Mumma Mumma" all the time these days. It all started after our trip to Houston. I am not sure what changed except that I was there with you all the time. Papa stayed back in San Jose. It changed right from the flight. You went on and on. It wasn't Anurag, it was just you.

Just want to remember. It ain't amma, and almost everything is Mumma, including a passing car!, and dad too, which annoys him so much.

But to me, it is my world. you are.

Swimming pool fun

Dear Vedant,

You love the water so. The first time I took you to the pool was in Houston, with Peddamma and Anurag. It was so much fun. You were splashing away like crazy. You did not want to get out of the water at all. You actually cried when I took you out after 45 minutes. The only thing that made you forget that was the option of doing "chap chap" in the tub, which is proxy for a bath! You water baby! True for an Aquarius!

We took you to the pool again this evening. We bought water guns too, you are too young to get the hang of them though. Had fun, but you were not as excited. Will take you next weekend now.

Chalo, sleep tight, love,

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Life of the party

Dear Vedant,

This is about our visit to Rajesh Uncle, Roochi Aunty's house in May 2012. They live in San Ramon, ~45 mins drive. We went there with Vivek kaka. Chitra auntry, Anand Uncle and Sonali didi. It was a very nice day, the weather was gorgeous. We hung out in the backyard, dad made pani puri (very popular as you will learn soon). Roochi aunty made fabulous food - fultoo northie style, bahut maza aaya. Anyhow... what was really fun was you.... You became the life of the party.

Vedant hugging Sonali for a Picture
Chitra Aunty was taking pictures of all of us. You instinctively put your arm around Sonali and posed. It was so cute! All of us immediately let out a big sigh, awwww etc which puzzled you. This pic is so cute. This is the first time you did this, I will always remember.

You were jumping around, dancing to the bollywood music and just entertaining everyone. You also sat down in Elina's place, using her pillow for support, as if you are a little baby.

Stay this way my dear, stay happy.

Other memorable pics from the day: