Saturday, 31 May 2014

The New book is here!

Dear Vedant,

So as you may know by now, I print all these letters to you in a book, I did the first book from Birth to 2 years and the new one (2 to 3) just arrived today! We looked at it together. It was so nice! I had a gleam in my eye as I saw it and I think you realized that. You asked me, "Is this special"? :) Yes, it is very very special.

It is really the shot in the arm that I needed to finish up the pending blogs. I have over 30 to write, I make little notes to myself, reminders about things I need to write about. And the memories come rushing back to me, I feel purged, so relaxed after writing them all, sort of like I have "processed" the events, the moments.

Back to writing with a bang!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Finally, I am satisfied.

Dear Vedant,

I have taken a three month sabbatical from LinkedIn to spend more time with you, take better care of the house and all of us and slow down in general. A month has passed by already. We couldn't do a lot of the fun things I had wanted to since you have been sick at least two out of the last four weeks. I was also down with Sinus related issues, still have them but so much better than last week.

But even so, I actually feel satisfied. I mean, for the first time ever, I feel I have gottena ton of time with you. The constant feeling of not getting enough Vedu time is gone. We are all eating better, I am giving you a bath every day (wasn't happening before! sorry! it was crazy!), the house is cleaner, eating more meals at home etc. I am happy. I will make it even better soon, we have been house hunting. Once that ends, one way or the other, I would like your preschool to be closer to home and then I can pick you up in 4 hours or so. Would like you to nap at home,eating lunch in school has its advantages (but for the microwave).

But happy in general. You don't understand what is happening in a way. You ask me when I pick you up if I went to LinkedIn and when I say no, you are like, why? :) You will get it someday.

Lots of love,

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Love you loads my dear

Dear Vedant,

Today is Mother's Day. A day that perhaps Hallmark/ Archies invented and like every other festival in this country (and the rest of the world is getting there) is a big marketing event. It is when most sales happen, most retail business is done after Christmas. I was amazed when I first found this info - from my days at ShopSocially, a start up I worked at. No pressure on you to get me something :) You are free! A call, a hug, a kiss will make me happy.

Anyhow, the economics of this aside, it was nice to spend the day with you. We had a day full of family reunions and then some down time at home. Karthik Mama was over (visiting from Atlanta) and it was so nice to hang out with him. We went to Venkat Mama's house and as usual had yummy food made by Saras Aunty. The conversations were brilliant, about old times. You played with Vikram bhaiya, he shared his old thomas trains with you. I wonder if there will be day when you share your then old train set with a kiddo :) I know the time will fly by, and I will wonder when you grew up.

Hoping to spend a lot of time holding you, nurturing you, teaching you, cuddling you.
My dearest boy in the whole wide world, my precious one. Amma loves you a lot.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Can you kiss me round round?

Dear Vedant,

This was so totally cute. Sometime today, I think before your nap, I was asking you for a kiss. You didn't give me one, but I gave you a few anyway. Then you asked me, "Can you kiss me round round?", which means, I kiss your whole face going in a circle. :) I gave you a few of those too and you were so happy.

lots of kisses to you.

Edit: We did this today also (the 19th of April). And, it was after we read the "Elmo loves you" book, and hence the kiss :)

Pain in my heart...

Dear Vedant,

I felt so bad today. You had really high fever, 103.6 and you were really uncomfortable. You have been having an ear infection and fever since Sunday night, but nothing like what happened today. You were crying and telling me that your fingers are hurting. I felt so bad, until now you were just lying down when the fever was high. No tears. I can't your tears of pain. That made me feel so bad :(

Get better soon. Lots and lots of love.

Perfect Day...

Dear Vedant,

You are in bed, asleep, taking your afternoon nap. I am sitting downstairs, on the sofa. It is a lovely afternoon. I can hear some birds chirping, the day light has filled the house. It is quite perfect.

We had a great morning together, barring your fever/ persistent ear infection. You have been such a trooper through this. You have been having fever since Sunday night and it is Friday afternoon today. Just one time you were crying since you were so uncomfortable. But other than that, you have been such a brave boy through it all. Papa brought your new antibiotic this morning and I gave you that and Ibuprofen in the morning.

You had breakfast, then we played the Buzz game. Then we took out the trash, did laundry. Aarti aunty called so I was on the phone for a bit. And I gave you a bath. You had nangu time (with the ABC blankie :)). Then we got dressed, had lunch. While I made rotis, you did 4 puzzles in the LeapFrog (Alphabelly) book. Then we ate, went for a small walk and off to bed.

Pretty perfect I think. Peaceful. We cuddled, I did not rush you to do anything, and you had a healthy lunch too.

Lots of love,

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Innocent Lies

Dear Vedant,

Its Sunday. Papa and I were in the kitchen, cooking dinner. You were coming in and out, filling your sippy cup a few times. I had a feeling that you are making a mess, not drinking it but putting it somewhere. Here is how this conversation went:

Amma: Did you put the water somewhere?
Vedu: No
Amma: Are you drinking it?
Vedu: Yes
Amma: Can you show me where you put it?
Vedu: Carpet (without a pause!!!) HAHAHA

That was soooooo funny! And cute! To my credit, I did not go ballistic. I just told you not to play inside but that you can take it outside and play with it :). That was so cute though, simple honest truth. You didn't even realize that I tricked you into telling me the truth :) Poor baby.

Lots of love,