Monday, 15 September 2014

Is Livlin's hat pretty?

Dear Vedant,

You have just started going to India Community Center preschool. You cried a bit on Day 1 and Day 2, until I found out why. You were not happy that they are asking you to eat fruit. I told Ms.Rave that you don't need fruit in school since you ate them for breakfast already. Since then, the crying has stopped. And you actually enjoy it :) I am soooo happy! Since we came back from Houston, I think you really needed some school, just 3 hours to spend with kids of your age. Glad we have that now.

We had an interesting conversation about Livlin, a girl in your class today. She wears a Patka.

Me: Who did you play with today?
Vedu: Livlin and Shashank.
Me: Who is Livlin? The girl with the hat?
Vedu: Yes, its purple.
Me: Isn't it pretty?
Vedu: No
Me: Why? I think its pretty.
Vedu: It doesn't have any stickers on it.
Me: If it had stickers, it would be pretty?
Vedu: Yes, or a stamp.
Me: What about a bow?
Vedu: yes, Bow is OK. Or a photo.

:) I couldn't believe that you have all these ideas now. Amazing how your little brain works.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Visit to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Dear Vedant,

We just came back from a lovely trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National park. It was the break from home and routine that I enjoyed the most. You enjoyed being silly with Papa the most. Dad pampers you silly, plays with you until you are laughing out loud, breaking out in giggles. He took you to throw stones in the Kings river, you enjoyed that a lot. We added a bit of science to it. We threw little twigs in the water to show you that wood doesn't sink. You understood that but though
throwing stones was wayyyy more fun! :)

Lots of love,

Outside Crystal cave's Spider Web gate.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Lesson learnt, this time for me

Dear Vedant,

So, you might know this already by the time you read this, but your mom is Type A. Essentially, I am almost always chasing this goal of all work done, such as house clean, tasks done etc etc, so much so that sometimes I get stressed that you are awake already in the morning. Yikes! I know, the thing is, I want to do everything possible before you wake up so I can spend undivided time with you. But, finally as Papa might be thinking, I am now at peace with this. It has taken me a good part of my sabbatical but since last week, I am just happy that you are up, regardless of what the status of household work is. In spite of my best efforts, it just is never over, and I am trying to be ok with it.

So, when you wake up tomorrow morning, you will see a cheerful me again. Lots of love chinu singh.


Saturday, 16 August 2014

You are happiness.

Dear Vedant,

You are such a bundle of happiness at this stage, its amazing. You are always happy, chirpy, enthusiastic. Sometimes I feel I should bottle your happiness up and save it for you. Like when you are down about an exam, mending a broken heart or something. It will help you then. I hope you always remain happy, this happy. Its exhausting and reinvigorating all at the same time.

God bless you dear.
Lots of love,

Saturday, 9 August 2014

hanging out at the Apple store

Dear Vedant,

I am writing this as you and Papa are hanging out at the university avenue Apple store. You are playing your first video game, well, iPad game. Papa is showing you the ropes. You look very happy. Trigger happy :)

Papa will teach you many things in life, especially how to have fun. Lots of love to you.


P.S: you asked for more papa time today. So this is timely. Apparently you are getting enough mommy time. :) I am also happy with the time I am getting with you. It's a blessing.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Great couple of days... barring your reaction

Dear Vedant,

We have had a great couple of days. I spent so much time with you. There was no yelling (I hate that and feel so bad for having shouted at you.) You have also been a good boy. Being that it was the weekend and Dad was hope obviously helped. We have all been together. Tata is also with us at this time.

Yesterday, I made you a chef hat, fashioned from some paper and scotch tape. You lvoed it! Now you are my sous chef and I am the "master" chef :) You have been helping in the kitchen since.

This morning however, was not good. You had an allergic reaction to something. Dad suspects that it is an old massage oil. I am really not sure. I almost hope its the oil because that would mean that it is not a food allergy. I will test it on you a week or so later. Also, you have been such a trooper. Brave little boy. You got a bit scared when I asked you to lie down in the hospital, other than that, you were such a hero. I am very proud of you. We gave you benadryl, made you feel better. Papa stayed home, more for me I think :) It really helped. Kept me worry free knowing that he was around. You guys played busy aiport game to no end.

Lots of love,

Saturday, 31 May 2014

The New book is here!

Dear Vedant,

So as you may know by now, I print all these letters to you in a book, I did the first book from Birth to 2 years and the new one (2 to 3) just arrived today! We looked at it together. It was so nice! I had a gleam in my eye as I saw it and I think you realized that. You asked me, "Is this special"? :) Yes, it is very very special.

It is really the shot in the arm that I needed to finish up the pending blogs. I have over 30 to write, I make little notes to myself, reminders about things I need to write about. And the memories come rushing back to me, I feel purged, so relaxed after writing them all, sort of like I have "processed" the events, the moments.

Back to writing with a bang!