Thursday, 23 October 2014

Diwali 2014

Dear Vedant,

Happy Diwali!!! Many many blessings and best wishes to you my dearest one.

We just celebrated the day in Gwalior with baba and dadi. The highlight of the day was certainly the besan laddoos that you had, homemade, no less.

You were quite sleepy in the evening and didn't participate much except for the sea shells game. I think you likes that. You went to bed soon after dinner. You didn't ask for a book or story, very unlike you.

You liked my sari. You made me wear a green bindi because it's "your" favorite color. I told you it doesn't match with my sari, you told me its OK :). It seems next year I will get matching one :)

We have been in Gwalior for a couple of days now. You are having so much fun! Your fabourie seems to be hanging out with baba in the choti chhat. May you get to make many more fun memories with grandparents. I didn't have that growing up and I am so glad you have loving grans.

Lots of love chinu.

P.S.: you are not letting me take pics. Not fun. 

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