Wednesday, 21 September 2011

8 months old and more...

Dear Vedant,

So many firsts again from you. You are one cute boy. My heart just lights up when I see you now sweetie. Mommy is so proud of you!

You stood up on the crib for the first time on Monday, 9/26. It was so cute. I got a picture of you doing it later. And I felt like you knew you had done something special :) Aunty saw you doing it first. I am also worried that you will fall out of it, I gotta move the crib a level down.

Another big move is that now you eat banana puffs on your own. You seem to enjoy it so much. You use one hand to try and pick the puff up and use your other hand to guide it to your mouth. You really like it too. If I pick up the puff bottle and show it to you, you are all excited and want to have some. It also keeps you busy when I need you to be on your own for a while.

That brings us to a very important point. You are being quite ziddi with being left alone. Sweetheart I can't be there with you all the time. You have got to learn to play on your own. I am going to train you to do this now. This week and next, we will work on this. I want you to know that Amma will always come when you need her, but I would like you to be a happy, independent baby too.

I also started weaning you off night feedings. You have been quite good with it, it is I who falters at times. You are fantastic and go up to 5 am without milk. I am so proud of you.

I will upload a few pics too of recent times.

PS: Amma loves you very very much.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Down with cold :(


we are both down and out with cold, cough, sneezing and mild fever. You gave it to me :(. Not your fault though. We were at Tahoe last weekend with a bunch of people, Vivek kaka, dipali kaku, Asif uncle (who very sweetly refers to you as cookie!), Shaheen aunty, Sohail, Anjalika (ur first g/f), Vicky uncle and Sneha aunty. Now I think Sohail bhaiya passed it on to you. You have been so brave dear. You cry in the night, but mostly you are so cooperative. I am amazed by you kanna.

You have also become soooooo much more active. Even aunty noticed that after our trip you have become more active. You are all over the place. I got new mats for you, they look so good in the room. And you seem so comfortable there.

Chalo kanna. I will upload more pics soon.

love, Amma.