Friday, 9 September 2011

Down with cold :(


we are both down and out with cold, cough, sneezing and mild fever. You gave it to me :(. Not your fault though. We were at Tahoe last weekend with a bunch of people, Vivek kaka, dipali kaku, Asif uncle (who very sweetly refers to you as cookie!), Shaheen aunty, Sohail, Anjalika (ur first g/f), Vicky uncle and Sneha aunty. Now I think Sohail bhaiya passed it on to you. You have been so brave dear. You cry in the night, but mostly you are so cooperative. I am amazed by you kanna.

You have also become soooooo much more active. Even aunty noticed that after our trip you have become more active. You are all over the place. I got new mats for you, they look so good in the room. And you seem so comfortable there.

Chalo kanna. I will upload more pics soon.

love, Amma.

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