Sunday, 7 August 2011

First Flight

Dear Vedant,

This is a brief summary (don't I sound like a Pro :) ) of your first flight. We flew, just you and I to Houston to see Viji Peddamma on 22nd July, 2011. You were just 6 months and a day old. I put the Garanimals red jacket on you. With your lovely silky hair, a lot of folks thought you were a girl :). I corrected some of them and then I just kept smiling when they said, 'Oh! she is so cute', they were only half wrong :).

You cried a lot during take off and landing sweetie. I felt really helpless, I tried feeding myself, bottle, finger sucking, nothing seemed to work. Magically, mid flight you were calm and slept. I had to give you tylenol twice.

Anyway, my dear no fuss baby, you were no fuss on the flight too. Only when you were in pain, you cried, otherwise you were looking at other people, smiling and playing with them. I had taken your Giraffe, bee and some other toys too.

Love you loads,