Thursday, 31 October 2013

Good Morning Sir!!

Dear Vedant,

You are in bed, sleeping next to daddy dearest. This is one good thing (in a way) about being in Gwalior, we are all together at night. I don't have to put you in a crib over here. Anyhow, I wanted to record this really cute thing you share with Baba. He, being a teacher, said to you "Good Morning Sir!". You were so thrilled by it and now you keep saying "Good Morning Sir!" to him, even at night :)

It is quite cute to hear. Today, you said "Good Morning Sir!" to Dadi even.


P.S: Don't try it on me, won't end well!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

London Trip and India Calling!

Dear Vedant,

We are all (that is you, papa and me) are going to India for a long holiday of nearly four weeks. We are beginning this journey with a one night stop over for you and Papa at London where I have a conference that I need to attend (somewhat grudginglyL), but it has to be done.

London, even the one-nighter was super awesome. We all came over to the hotel. You had slept a little on the plane so you were not sleepy right away. I gave you a bath and you were radiant. You and I also caught a nice nap on the way to the hotel, so that helped as well. We took a little walk in the night and even that little walk was so much fun. I think, being in a city that Papa and I both loved, not being at home (no cleaning/cooking etc.) was so relaxing. It was a great start to our India holiday.

You loved the Red bus so much and wanted to go on one, but we did not have the time to do it; May be next time. You also liked the train, Papa and you left on the Heathrow Express the next day, Dad told you it was “Gordon Express”, made you doubly happy.

I was sad to let you go, but had to. I asked Papa to keep you “safe”. You came to Gwalior and were a happy kid except when you got hurt and asked for me. (P.S: slightly happy to know you need me!).

I am having a great conference, lots of launch celebrations, meeting friends after a long time. I am missing you a lot too and am telling myself that soon we will be together.

Lots of Love,


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Amma, don't make chai

Dear Vedant,

So the routine is the following:
1) Go to sleep in the crib
2) Wake up around 5 a.m
3) Come to Amma bed immediately.
4) Cuddle
5) Sleep

Now in the middle of steps 3 to 5, I sneak out to make chai downstairs. You told me today, "Amma, don't make chai tomorrow" when you were about to go to bed. I was puzzled for a bit, and then it came to me. You want me to be around when you wake up, you don't want to wake up alone in the bedroom.

Totally cute my dear. However, I can't always be around. I will always love you though. Perhaps if you learn to make chai, I won't need to go downstairs early in the morning! What say?


The lady said "Fremont, next Right"!

Dear Vedant,

Today we went to get to you a hair cut before our trip to India. You really needed it! I wish I had a before and after picture. The difference was SIGNIFICANT. I had my cute boy back :) from an unruly mess :).

However, the most important thing I want to remember is that you listened to the GPS lady, (which Amma uses a LOT!) and said "Lady said Fremont, next right". I was amazed! I had no idea that you actually listen to the GPS lady at all. And then, you remembered that Aarti Aunty lives in Fremont, we had been there the weekend before. You told me "Aarti Aunty home Fremont" :)

Yes, my dear. Doing big things, Amma is proud.

Love always,

I am back. We are good, for now.

Dear Vedant,

I have been *really* busy these past few weeks with work. I have been working on the biggest project of my career thus far. One day when you are older, you will understand. I was gone for 5 nights to Vegas for the launch and came back to you today.

You were soooooo excited when I came back. You wanted to show me everything. Amma, see Vedu mug. (really :)), Vedu hair, comb, etc. You started pushing my suitcase, and then remembered to hug me, and then smiled as you remembered to ask for your surprise. It was amazing! I was so happy to see you. You also said - "Amma, Friday aa gaya?". I brought back a Lion and an elephant stuff toy for you from Vegas - a shopping trip at 11:00 pm on the last night made exclusively for this purpose. You loved them, as expected. We are going to have a whole Jungle soon given your expanding collection :)

Also, I was so surprised to see that you have now learnt how to take off your T-shirt. Cool new skill! I missed it, but boy, is this going to help! I am proud of you, little one.

Lots of love, looking forward to spending a ton of time with you in India.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

So, you know the address?

Dear Vedant,

You did a "Big Boy" thing today, really surprised me. Yesterday, Aunty, you and I had gone to post office for some work. Today you said to me - "Junction Road pe Post office. Ghar ke paas big road to Montague he". And then you asked me what road our House is on, you forgot that one.

Really surprised me in the car when you said this. I had no idea you were listening to Aunty and I.

Good stuff, Love,

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hamara Dillo!

Dear Vedant,

You naughty little boy. You deserve one put put on the bottom for this one. We were reading the "Good night Moon" book which has the Zoo Keeper puts all the animals to bed and the monkey lets them loose. So this book has the "Armadillo" which you turned into Hamara Dillo, Aar Mar Ka Dillo etc.

The video captures half the joy we both experienced! It was too much fun.

Lots of love,

Bum Bum Bole!

Dear Vedant,

Today we had such a good time listening to "Bum Bum Bole" from Taare Zameen Par on Saavn. You and I danced in the play room. You especially love "Dubba Gul" and "Chalo Chalo Chalo....".

It was so much fun. Looking forward to totally having fun with you. May be you and I will watch Comedy movies together. It can be our thing :)