Tuesday, 22 October 2013

London Trip and India Calling!

Dear Vedant,

We are all (that is you, papa and me) are going to India for a long holiday of nearly four weeks. We are beginning this journey with a one night stop over for you and Papa at London where I have a conference that I need to attend (somewhat grudginglyL), but it has to be done.

London, even the one-nighter was super awesome. We all came over to the hotel. You had slept a little on the plane so you were not sleepy right away. I gave you a bath and you were radiant. You and I also caught a nice nap on the way to the hotel, so that helped as well. We took a little walk in the night and even that little walk was so much fun. I think, being in a city that Papa and I both loved, not being at home (no cleaning/cooking etc.) was so relaxing. It was a great start to our India holiday.

You loved the Red bus so much and wanted to go on one, but we did not have the time to do it; May be next time. You also liked the train, Papa and you left on the Heathrow Express the next day, Dad told you it was “Gordon Express”, made you doubly happy.

I was sad to let you go, but had to. I asked Papa to keep you “safe”. You came to Gwalior and were a happy kid except when you got hurt and asked for me. (P.S: slightly happy to know you need me!).

I am having a great conference, lots of launch celebrations, meeting friends after a long time. I am missing you a lot too and am telling myself that soon we will be together.

Lots of Love,


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