Saturday, 19 October 2013

Amma, don't make chai

Dear Vedant,

So the routine is the following:
1) Go to sleep in the crib
2) Wake up around 5 a.m
3) Come to Amma bed immediately.
4) Cuddle
5) Sleep

Now in the middle of steps 3 to 5, I sneak out to make chai downstairs. You told me today, "Amma, don't make chai tomorrow" when you were about to go to bed. I was puzzled for a bit, and then it came to me. You want me to be around when you wake up, you don't want to wake up alone in the bedroom.

Totally cute my dear. However, I can't always be around. I will always love you though. Perhaps if you learn to make chai, I won't need to go downstairs early in the morning! What say?


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