Monday, 15 September 2014

Is Livlin's hat pretty?

Dear Vedant,

You have just started going to India Community Center preschool. You cried a bit on Day 1 and Day 2, until I found out why. You were not happy that they are asking you to eat fruit. I told Ms.Rave that you don't need fruit in school since you ate them for breakfast already. Since then, the crying has stopped. And you actually enjoy it :) I am soooo happy! Since we came back from Houston, I think you really needed some school, just 3 hours to spend with kids of your age. Glad we have that now.

We had an interesting conversation about Livlin, a girl in your class today. She wears a Patka.

Me: Who did you play with today?
Vedu: Livlin and Shashank.
Me: Who is Livlin? The girl with the hat?
Vedu: Yes, its purple.
Me: Isn't it pretty?
Vedu: No
Me: Why? I think its pretty.
Vedu: It doesn't have any stickers on it.
Me: If it had stickers, it would be pretty?
Vedu: Yes, or a stamp.
Me: What about a bow?
Vedu: yes, Bow is OK. Or a photo.

:) I couldn't believe that you have all these ideas now. Amazing how your little brain works.


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