Saturday, 16 June 2012

First trip to the zoo

Dear Vedant,

Today was your first trip to the Zoo. So much fun, also tiring though. We came back home and you and I crashed for an hour on the sofa, total chipkoo mood. We also slept on the way back in the car, poor dad did all the driving. Amma did drive on the way to the Zoo though, so it was not all unfair :)

Bahut maza aaya aaj. Dad found the Lion
the most impressive. I liked the Penguins a lot, they were so cute. I also was very impressed by the Sheer SIZE of the Asian Rhino. From a distance we thought it was a Jumbo, an elephant that is.

You loved the Bhalu as we expected. You were really happy to see a Bear. You also liked the ducks. I think you got a little scared when the Lioness was growling. You fed the Goats too, and found that fun after a while. Good day overall.

Dad does not like the Zoo much since it takes animals away from their natural habitat and restricts/ cages them. I agree, some day we should go to Africa and see animals in their "home", do a safari trip. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

Love Amma.

PS: Dad dressed himself and then changed again. He wanted to wear a Yellow striped T-shirt, just like yours!! Also, it was Father's day yesterday, not that we need a day, since you are papa's fan anyway.

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