Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Gymboree Level 4

Dear Vedant,

I wanted to remember how we moved you to Level 4 classes in Gymboree. BTW before you get all excited the Levels don't have anything to do with "skill level/ achievement" just purely age group based :) Initially you were enrolled in the 8 to 16 months group. You were always the oldest kid in the group. You weren't interested in sitting down and listening, you were more into exploring the play area on your own or looking at cars in the parking lot. You still do this btw in the Level 4 class.

Anyhow, I tried one class and saw that you liked it much better. More kids your age, more age appropriate activities. So here you are in Level 4 for 16 to 22 month olds.

My hope is from Gymboree that you will learn to be comfortable around other children, around other adults in teaching capacities and in general a playroom/ class environment.

Aunty takes you during the weekdays, I come to Monday 5.30 pm class, I am so glad I am able to do that. It is nice to see you interact with others. One of the teachers told me this Monday that you now recognize her and that you guys are "bonding". :) I hope you find such nurturing teachers everywhere.


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