Friday, 19 April 2013

Hiking chair, oh yeah!!

Dear Vedant,

Papa bought the fanciest, nicest Hiking chair just the day before our Yosemite trip. We wanted to try it on hikes. We eventually did not really use it. You are much too big for it! Papa tried it for like 15 minutes and then said, it is hard to go for longer than 20 minutes. But, my oh my, you certainly loved it. You milked it as much as possible and wanted to sit in it all the time. It was the first thing you wanted to do after you woke up the next day. You saw it and said “Mumma issme sit karaye”. I said it is hard. You said “Mumma thoooooda try kare!”. J You sat in it and had your morning cookie right in it J Happy fellow! 

I am so proud that you wanted to give it a go instead of shying away from it.

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