Thursday, 25 April 2013

Missing you so much..

Dear Vedant,

I am missing you terribly right now. I am flying to India right now to see Avva. I haven’t told you yet, but Avva was hit by a motorcyclist and had to undergo a hip replacement surgery last night. She will recover, I am certain, but I need to help her and Tatha out. I feel really bad about leaving you, missing you, my heart feels so heavy L However, I also know that you are a strong boy and that you are a generous boy. I know that you will understand that Amma had to go and I am so looking forward to holding you again. I gave you a million and more kisses today and will give you more when I am back. I watched a sad movie, read a parenting book (more about that later), and all that makes me miss you even more. I am watching all the other parents on the flight and I think that they are really lucky to have their kids with them. The folks whose kids are crying might disagree ;)

Aunty, as usual, is going to take great care of you while I am gone. Papa will have the hard task of putting you to bed without me, it seems the days go by fine, it’s the night that is harder. I will be back soon, All my

love and kisses to you.

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