Monday, 15 April 2013

Amma Loves Goril LA LA

Dear Vedant,

I always tell you “Amma loves you” and then there is the “Elmo loves you” book. One day I said “Aunty loves?” and you said “Uncle!!”. All of us bursted out laughing so hard, you picked this up and this is now you constant response to it. Similarly, I don’t know how/ why you started saying this. I would say “Vedant, Amma Loves?”, expecting you to say “Vedu!”, but you would say “Amma loves Goril LA LA”. Never Gorilla J Cute. I don’t think I have a recording of it, but I can visualize you saying it. Your eyes are lit up and your voice is full of joy, naughtiness personified. 

Lots of love Chinu,

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