Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thank you my dear.

Dear Vedant,

This has been a tough week for us. Papa got detected with a second round of strep throat. You and I went to Kaiser near your pre-school for a precautionary exam. This was our second time of getting a test done. You knew the routine that we have to open our mouth wide, say aa and that it would hurt a little. You asked me "Khasi kyon aati he". I tried explaining it to you and asked you to be brave. I told you it will help you. You asked me if I will hold you, i said yes. Then I asked you if you will hold my hand for my turn to help me be brave. When it was my turn to do the swab, I had forgotten about our conversation. But you hadn't. As soon as the nurse picked up the swab kit, you came near me and took the cell phone off my hand and held it real tight. You were so cute, took on the role of "the man" for a bit.You were so in the zone, standing tall, broad shoulders. :) My little guy, you were a big boy for a bit, taking care of me.

Lots of love,

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