Thursday, 6 February 2014

Preparing for Valentine's Day

Dear Vedant,

We have been preparing for Valentine's Day, coming up soon. Given our experience with Christmas where you did not quite know what is coming, I want you to be prepared with the ritual/ festival that is coming up. We have been reading Valentine's Day books, reading about hearts etc. We read this book about Families and I taught you about big and small families, things we do with our family etc. You seem to have caught on that we have a really "small" family. :)

Cute, Love,

Addition: May 14, 2014. You have been learning about families in School this week, ahead of the Family picnic. You said to Ms. Grace that your family is really small :) I told her where it was coming from and we were laughing about it. :) You also took the book to School and read it with your friends. 

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