Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A valentine's card for you.. only you

Dear Vedant,

I write this with a wonderful feeling. I don't know how to describe it. I am not elated. Happy doesn't cut it. Neither does joy. Perhaps contentment comes close. Peace too. The more I think about it, peace is what it is. A sense of completeness. What soon followed this was a feeling of a sense of responsibility/ a bit of guilt even.

Valentine's day is coming up and I have been reading a couple of Valentine's day books with you. I do not want you to be caught unawares/ be scared like you were when Santa came to School. We have a book where everyone is making cards for their friends. I asked you today who you wanted to make a card for. You said "only for you...not for anyone else." Not even Papa. (Papa - not trying to make you feel bad :)).

I will always remember the expression, your body language. The clarity of your thought. I asked the question a few times today, at different instances, in different ways, the answer was always the same. And your tone, is like you are not expecting anything in return. Not even Love. You just want to make it, that's all. I wish we adults could love each this way, completely without expectations. Unconditional.

That was your love tonight. You made my day my dear and grounded me too.
Lots of love, always.

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