Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Off to school with big boy Byes!

Dear Vedant,

Today I worked from home and Papa dropped you off to School. For starters, you were really happy going in the Beamer vs Camry, not sure when you picked up that the Beamer is cooler :) Even I don't care which car I am in. One day I did not know which one I was sitting in, it is really the last thing in my mind. Anyways, so you went to School after eating your breakfast, wearing your school shoes, with you lunch and feeling all important. You sat in Papa's car, came around and said "Bye Amma, I love you" so loudly, so happily, it felt as if its my college-going son saying Bye to me :) You sounded happy, confident and comfortable. It was precious and cute.

Lots of love,

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