Sunday, 9 February 2014

Money... needs and wants..

Dear Vedant,

I am so proud of you today. You made a really wise decision, and made it very calmly, matter-of-factly. I was really happy.

A few days ago, you and I went to Target. I was looking for Glue. You saw some crayons and you wanted them. I explained to you that I only have a limited amount of money. I can buy crayons but then we won't be able to buy Glue. And then I told you that you already have crayons but you don't have Glue. I let you think about that and then asked you if you wanted Crayons or Glue. You chose Glue :)

Today we were at Sears (for a photo story I am sure Papa will tell you about :D). You saw this Elmo Tee-shirt. You really wanted to buy it. It was terribly cute too. However, before I could say something you said. "Hamare paas Elmo Tee-shirt already he, we don't need it." And then, you put it back. I was so so proud and happy. And impressed.

Really well done bache. Papa and I will continue to teach you about Money, needs and wants. I am really happy with the start we made today.

Good job, love,

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