Monday, 6 January 2014

Not enough kisses today.

Dear Vedant,

You are in bed now, asleep. As is papa. I put you to bed and was getting some "me" time before I get to write about this. I missed you today, did not spend enough time with you or get enough of "Vedant" for today. At bed time, I told you the Hungry Caterpillar, Elmo loves you on my own. You would have gone to bed without this, the truth is, I did not want to leave you. I wanted to hold you longer and hug you more. You were also very active this evening, not tired at all after school. But listening to these two time tested stories you were all ready for bed. You then asked for "Twinkle Twinkle little stars". I sang it for you. Then you sang it for Bholu and finally one more time for me. I felt all special :) It was so cute. Not melodious :) but cute.

Lots of love chinu,

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