Sunday, 5 January 2014

Eating Apples, Strawberries! Yeah! (Fingers Crossed!)

Dear Vedant,

You are asleep right now, taking your afternoon nap. Papa put you to bed today, you guys were playing with the new wooden blocks before that. Papa made a tunnel, you used your flashlight to look through it. It was cute.

Back to the Title, this post comes with great gratitude, almost not believing that you are actually eating fruits. Thanks to Papa, of course. He made eating strawberries so much fun. You guys hulled them with a straw, I have to post a video of how that is done :) You showed me how to do it too and then since the rule is, "if you hull, you have to eat it", you had your strawberries. You also had apples dipped in honey, half an apple which was so good to see.

We have to keep at this. I asked Ms Monique if she can help us and she said yes! God bless her. It would be awesome to see you eat fruits happily. We also need to set the right example of course.

Lots of love,

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