Monday, 6 January 2014

Laptop back from the Garage

Dear Vedant,

You have been taking a keen interest in our Laptops, perhaps the 10 day shutdown had something to do with it. We have been having a tough time disciplining you over this, also we feel this is not a good area to put up a fight. So we decided to bring back your laptop toy from the garage. You have been loving it so far! You especially like that it sings, "This is your home computer". Almost always, you ask me "why it says home computer". It also sings a special bye song when you shut it down, today you were singing it as you closed it :)

You really seem to enjoy music. You were singing "Bye bye bye.. Aa Aa Aa". Once I have more time (I am working on some plans here ;)), I will take you around for a Music class.

Love, sleep tight,

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