Sunday, 5 January 2014

Let us build it. Let us build it. Let us build a word

Dear Vedant,

A couple of days ago you watched "WordWorld" for the first time. I showed it to you yesterday as well and you really seemed to like it. Just for memory's sake, this is a cartoon show where letters of the alphabet come together and become the word they are spelling out. So a B, O and X come together and lo and behold! we have a box :)

Last night, we were all hanging around the sofa in the night and you started singing "Let us build it. Let us build it. Let us build a word :)". You feel so conscious if someone watches you, so you stopped but I kept singing and then we went to the playroom to "build" words with the alphabet. We made box, hug, bug, hi and then "hi papa". In the end I was going to make the word "bye" before we went to bed and you read my mind :) I had taken the "b" out and you said, let us make "bye" :) It was so much fun.

And the fun continued upstairs...
"I see it. I see it. I see it ont he floor" - for your pillow
"I love you. I love you. I love you in the night"..

You were giggling and were happy. So was I.

Lots of love,

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