Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday my love!

Dearest Vedant,

Happy Happy Happy 3rd Birthday to you!!! So happy today :) You turned a big THREE today :) We all had a great time blowing out the candles, cutting a cake with you.

Although, again, you were not well :( You were really sick with a cold, cough thing. It was sad :( Papa had to go away to a conference, he left late so that we could cut the cake together. And boy! you loved the cake so! Your little eyes totally lit up when you saw the cake. You were SO HAPPY. it was really nice to see that. You blew the candles, and we all sang the happy birthday song. You liked the song so much that you made me sing it again and again throughout the day. Papa also brought a huge cookie for you, you gorged on it :) Some lovely pictures from the day are here. After Papa left, you and I listened to many Happy Birthday songs on the iPad, with the video and all :) I asked you late at night at bed time, about what you liked best about today and you said "Cake and song" :)

We did not do a celebrationg this time again. You did not really want it. We will do something funnext year. And hey, no falling sick, ok? :) We gave you the Buzz bee board game, we played a few rounds today. You seem to like it, don't get it yet though. Also gave you the camera, that seems to be a bigger hit :)

You and I also went to the Flag restaurant for dinner, it was nice and relaxing. Most people stare at an Indian mom managing a calm Indian kid in there, they can't believe it :)

Please remain like this, cute and cuddly. Papa and I both love you very very much. God bless you always.
Be happy, healthy and loving. That's a pic of me looking (and feeling) so happy and content. You are the reason for that happiness. Also a pic of you giving papa a kiss back, after you got one for your birthday. I love the tenderness of this pic. That is pure love :)

lots of love, proud of you :) Happy Birthday!

P.S.: You didn't want to share the cake :) I had to convince you :) We also did a little celebration in School after a week or so, when you got better and went to school. Again, had to convince you to give away the CakePops :)

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