Monday, 21 January 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Vedant

Dear Vedant,
Happy 2nd Birthday to you my dear! Your birthday was a bitter sweet day for me.I was really happy to see you all grown up, being happy but I felt bad because the very next day I had to pack my bags and go away to San Francisco for a conference. At some level, I think I miss holding a little baby and I also feel that the moments and time is going away very quickly, much faster than I like. I want to gather as many memories as I can and fill my mind with pictures of you, what will I do without them later? At other times, I feel happy, proud, even relieved that you are going to grow up and go away to college.And then, I can indulge in all the things that I want to do. May be then I will start knitting again :)

Your birthday was a slow and relaxed day. We did not do very much, stayed home except for dinner to Saravana Bhavan with Fufa ji. The highlight was you getting an Elmo toy that you clutched happily. Rohini aunty gave you an airplane that you loved. Fufa ji also gave you great toys. You hung out with dad and in the end, you and I ended the day on a high with Idlis. The other highlight was Rohini  Aunty, Anuraag uncle, and the kids coming over for a small brownie-cake cutting for you. You blew the candles and everything :)

May you always remain like this, happy, content, smiling. All my love and blessings to you little one. These two years with you have been the best of my life.
Lots of love,

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