Friday, 4 January 2013

Amma, Vedu, Bhalu Group Hug

Dear Vedant,

This is one of my most favourite memories of us. I started doing the Group hug thing way back, you may have been 6 months old. We used to do it with the small bhalu and then wtih the life size Costco one too. Dad took this picture which I truly cherish recently. 

Things to note about Group hug - you wont do it unless the big bhalu is included, sometimes you start the group hug yourself, if dad and I are lying down on the bed, you get in between and then say "Grrouu hugg". You still can't say "Group". You love doing them, always with a smile. Some time it is Amma, Vedu, Caterpillar "Pater" Group hug.

I am spoiling you with hugs and kisses.  Lots of love, utho and then we will do another Group hug.

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