Wednesday, 2 January 2013

AgarWaggi :)

Dear Vedant,

When a visitor asked you "What is your name?", it hit me that I need to start teaching you this. It looks like you are big enough :) So started the "Agarwaggi" brigade. (Unfortunately I don't remember who this visitor was, but it must have been one of Dad's friends)

I would tell you "what is papa's name, it is Amit Agarwal".. I would remember to prounounce it ..."AA GGAA RR WWAALL"... and you said "AGARWAGGI"! We laughed so much and you loved being the center of attention. Since then, you love saying "agarwaggi", in a tune too. It is Taruna Agarwaggi, Amit agarwaggi and Vedu Agarwaggi!

You know how to say "Agarwal", you say it sometimes, but your go-to response is Agarwaggi. I am going to record a video of it tomorrow. I hope I will always remember in my head.

So much to hold on to, as you are growing up.I wonder if the blog is for you or me. Perhaps, this is really for me, for Amma to have a piece of her baby forever. My boy. My son.

Sleep tight cheenu kutty,

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