Sunday, 14 October 2012

Story-time with Papa

Dear Vedant,

I want you to remember the story time routine that you and Papa have. I think it started in August/ September 2012. At bed time, Papa picks you up and tries to calm you down with stories such as..."There was a Lion..that roared like..."arrrrghhh".. and then he was hungry... he went to the jungle.. he found a Hippo... chup.. since the hippo in the zoo was in the pond etc..." Essentially, he starts talking, you start jumping in and it doesn't have to be realistic or make any sense at all. One thing leads to another and very soon you are sleepy.

Bingo! Time to put you down in the crib. You know what "story" means now. As soon as Papa says "story time", you lay down next to him, intently watching his face for the story to begin.

Amazing. I tried to tell you a story today, I must say I was sleepy much before you were. You kept lifting my chin up to keep me awake!!!

Sleep tight chinu,

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