Thursday, 25 October 2012

Firetruck & Zoo

Dear Vedant,

So we went a little ambititous and we did the following in one day... Fire Station trip, Ikea and the Zoo. You were great through this and caught a nap while Dad took care of Ikea returns. It was a really fun day.

We went to Mountain View Fire station in the morning. They were having a fund raising/ awareness event that was super fun for kids. You got scared of the loud noise and the crowd and very holding on to me. You did not want to go down and run about on your own. Perhaps when you are older. The thing you liked the best was climbing on a Fire Truck that was parked away from the crowd. You touched it, stood on the back, kept saying "light...". More importantly, you now seem to remember the event. When I show you the Fire Truck page in the Trucks book you say.."Papa, Mumma" and then point your finger back as if to say "yesterday". We will go again, when you are older.

The Zoo was so much fun. It was much better than last time. Dad and I were very strategic, we skipped the parts that we knew don't interest you. We started with the African safari. You loved the Giraffe, Zebra etc. We saw the Stork being fed by a Zoo official. Your memory of this is "Bird bhukki, Man, throw. eat" :) The other animal that made a big impression is the Hippo. The hippo was massive, in the water. Your memory is "Hippo Paani Chup". You also ran around the Peacock that was running about free.

Dad has his misgivings about the Zoo, since it seems like the animals are being kept there for our pleasure, away from their natural environment. One day we will ask him to take us to Africa, just so that he doesn't feel bad for the animals!!

Lots o love,

P.S: We have the Jungle Animal stickers in the playroom, you can now identify Hippo, giraffe, Rhino, Cat, Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Bird, Monkey (your favorite), Snake, Turtle, Fish, Duck, Cow, Pig, Goat, Sheep, Horse..

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