Monday, 29 October 2012

Pumpkin carving for Halloween

Dear Vedant,

This is your second Halloween. Actually, our second halloween. I was not in the US until Nov of 2010. Last year we did not do anything, you were too small. Well, we did dress you as a teddy bear and take you for some trick or treating.

This year, I am making some effort. I bought a Pumpkin, which I carved out. You quite like it. You call it "tumpin" :) Absolutely cute. You know that we have to put a diya in it.

You know that Rohini Aunty also has a "tumpin" right outside it. You got scared of her pumpkin and the window clings. You held me so tight and started tremblin ga littl eand said "Go" and pointed to our home. You never want to leave their house, so I was a little surprised that you were scared. I gave you a big hug and and then showed you how we made it the next day. Think that helped you a little, but you are probably not going to be ready for the really scary houses. I will make sure you don't go to the really scary houses.

I will hold you tight and keep you safe as long as I can.
Lots of love,

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