Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bigggg Bhalu

Dear Vedant,

As part of Papa spoiling Vedant series, you got a BIGGGGGGGGG Bhalu one day. Unfortunately, I was in office when papa brought it up the stairs so I don't know have a video of how you reacted. You were apparently initially scared of the Big Teddy and slowly warmed up to him. You touched the teddy and ran back to papa. After a few attempts, you mustered up the courage to hug the big teddy. Since then, you hug teddy every now and then.

Right now when Papa is in Gwalior, you sometimes touch the Teddy and say "Papa, Down." Meaning that it was kept down during Dipali Aunty's baby shower or that Papa brought it up from the basement.

Also, Arshia lovesssss the Teddy too. Here are a few pics for you to remember the bhalu days by... Arshia and you hanging out with the teddy, vedu relaxing on it (nice metta per Avva) and you taking teddy for a ride on the bike!

Lots of Love,

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