Thursday, 2 June 2011

Introducing solids and more

Dear Vedant,

This has been a week of many firsts for you. You are 19 weeks old today. Looked all cute today. So many things have happened last few days.

Tuesday, May 31
I was changing your diaper upstairs, you were on the rubber sheet, quite slippery. And before I knew it you were putting the clean diaper in your mouth. How you managed to get it from under your bum I don't know! I could hear viji peddamma telling me that changing you is going to get difficult soon :)

I took you to the doc too. You have not been sleeping well. You had mild fever, were all fussy. It looks like you could be teething. I am trying to make you as comfortable as possible. I bought a teether from Walmart, you are not taking to it yet, but hopefully soon you will.

You have also started grabbing the jitter toy - a bee that Shaheen aunty gave me while you were still cozy in my tummy. You started doing this on the ride to the hospital. All of a sudden you were tugging at each foot in turn of the bee and letting it go up. You repeated this like a zillion times!

Hmm... what else is knew. Oh yes, the cereal! You started eating solids from Thursday, June 2. I gave you organic brown rice cereal and you took to it easily. I gave you some today too. You seem to have no problem with it so far. I am so glad!

You are asleep now and soon I am going to come join you.

Need to buy a new crib for you too, my 19 pounder! Mommy loves you!

Good night, hugs,