Friday, 17 June 2011

Five months old!

Dear Vedant,

I can't believe you are now 5 months old, thats all the fingers in one hand dear. I keep showing you that, I also teach you open and close with my hand. you watch quite keenly :)

So much has happened in the last 10 odd days since I have written to you. You have grown quite a bit. I weighed you the other day, looks like I have to buy you a new crib pronto.

You have also started doing many things. You now turn your head in the direction of sound. I have to be careful now, you move suddenly. You react to everything, door opening, cooker, TV, people, all kinds of noises.

You have also stated playing with the Crinkly butterfly on the gym mat. You lift the flower flap and look underneath it and keep squishing it. Finally, you try to eat it and when you can't bring it to your mouth, you drop your head to lick it instead! It is too cute :)

Last Wednesday I left you for a trip to San Diego. I had to attend a conference. This was the longest I was not with you. While I could lie that I missed you terribly, I must admit I had a great time! Amma loves her work and fun, but loves you the most sweetheart. I came back home to a happy you. You had milk from me (direct from the source ;)) and gave me a big smile of satisfaction afterwards! It was cute. I am so thankful you are a no fuss baby.

We also hired a new nanny for you. The new aunty seems nice. I hope she looks after you well. She doesn't seem to be as hardworking as balwinder aunty, but she does not want to stay with us :( I have tried all ways I can think of, but looks like she has made up her mind. BTW, you flashed a lovely smile to new aunty's daughter. Hmm, whats up dude?

On Saturday, June 18, we visited some folks that dad knows from Jhansi. They have a little boy, about five years old. There you played with a ball for the first time. You put a ball through the basket too :)

Today, I did a little aarti for you and wanted to put new clothes but there are none in your size now. I ordered 3 books for your from amazon, they arrived today. I read the happy baby book, you were listening intently. That was fun. I took a pic early in the morning but you are not your usual happy self today, you are very clingy, teething trouble is what I think it is. I massaged your gums today, I hope it helps you. Hang in there dear, it will all be over soon.

Next birthday, I will some toys. I hope you are able to sit, that will be fun.

That's it sweetie. You are teething it looks like and seem to be in pain. I hope you (and I ;)) get good sleep tonight.

Love you loads,

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