Friday, 10 June 2011

You found your voice!

Dear Vedant,

This week has been such a big change in you. You have been so noisy!!! Screaming in delight all the time. I managed to record a little piece on the phone today, I will upload that in some time.

Here is a link to a video I uploaded to you tube. It has some of your pictures from this month (your fifth) and yes your lovely voice.

We were alone this week from Sunday am to Wed night. It went well I thought. You were unwell on Tuesday night, wed am but nothing I couldn't handle. You were all chipkoo but I didn't mind, I just did not want you to be very sick.

Aunty has been very helpful the last few days. God bless her. I have to find a new nanny for you, I wish she would stay. :(

Anyhow, hope you sleep well sweetie, good night

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