Saturday, 28 May 2011

Foot in the mouth!

Dear Vedant,

I really should have written this yesterday, I was too tired, a bit of back ache baby. Anyhow, you made my day wonderful. I know ALL babies do it and that is no big deal, but it was awesome! There I was changing you just before putting you to bed and all of a sudden you had your foot in your mouth :) It was so cute. It was just you and I, our little secret. BTW - you were butt naked and Viji peddamma feels that helped a long way too :) Next time I will try to get a picture, my phone camera was no good and the digi cam was downstairs. Anyhow, the thing is sweetheart, I will always remember the moment in my head and feel exactly like I felt then - lots of love, joy, surprise and pride too! You are by little boy! well for now at least.

We also went for a walk yesterday. It was very windy so I chose to walk in the lanes surrounded by homes, like avva used to, avoiding the windy road and trying to keep you warm. You no longer let me cover you with blankets and if I do manage to put one on, you chew it all the time. You didn't sleep again. it looks like Sid peddanaina's premonition about you not going to sleep in the pram might just be coming true.

Also, it looks like you are now used to sleeping by 8 pm. While on the walk you started crying at 7.15 pm, I rushed home, gave you a quick change, night suit, massage, fed you and put you down to bed.  Today also you were down by 8 pm. I am happy I have been able to establish this routine for you. And thank you for being such a good no fuss baby. Mommy loves you vedu singh.

You have also been grabbing at toys a lot more purposefully and your coordination is improving. Course you still continue to eat books, and my guess is you will for a long time but yes you are growing up. A part of me is looking forward to it and a part of me just wants to hold you as you are today, my little baby.

lots of love kanna, sleep tight,

PS: Giving you tummy time now for your head per the doc. I am really hoping it becomes better. That is the night light with stars that Akshat uncle gave you. Also, we read the colors book today, well I read, you ate :)

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