Saturday, 21 May 2011

4 months old

Dear Vedant,

Today you are four months old. I am feeling very happy today. I put a new tee-shirt on you which said you were 'Wild About Mommy', but within half an hour you had drooled so much it was wet, before I could click any pictures!! It was so funny! I had to change it to something else :) We also lit the diya and did a little aarti for you.

You are such a joy to be with now. You droooool all the time, make the scooter sound and put everything in your mouth. You always smile when I sing 'skidamarinka dinka dee', thank you for that, it is very rewarding when that happens. I also sing 'Old MacDonald' which also makes you happy. I just started playing peek-a-boo with you and that makes you smile. I am not sure if you 'get' what the game is right now, but you do giggle :). You play with the snail and anurag;s old blocks. I try to show you colors and then give you the cube, and you promptly put it in your mouth. Today you were getting frustrated since you could not fit it in to your mouth :)

We went for a walk too today, you did not sleep. You were wide awake and watching everything. You did perk up when we passed by the fountains, it looked to me that you were trying to find the source of the noise. When you are older and able to sit, I will show you.

Sometimes when I am back from work you give me a big smile which fills my heart and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you cry until I hold you and sometimes you are quite happy to be on your own.

Plan for next week - I plan to feed you solids this week. I hope you will like that. But remember, amma's milk is the yummiest!!

Lots of love, hugs,

PS: You are fast asleep now and that is how I am able to write this for you. Also, you love chewing all your fingers (of both hands) at once. I tried to wipe your mouth as your were drooling while chewing. And this is how it ended. You smiled your cutest smile at me, and I melted. Finally, you were 'eating' the burp cloth too!

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  1. Just leaving a trail to let you know that I am catching-up from an year back :-) ...