Thursday, 3 April 2014

Your first poster :)

Dear Vedant,

We hung your very first poster in your room today. It came from the Easter book. It had a nice folded poster in the back. I didn't know the book came with it, glad it did. I asked you where you would like it to be hung and you chose your room. We put it up there with much fan fare :). It was nice to see you happy with that.

For me, this was a sign of things to come. I know you will hang many other posters in your room, who knows what/ who/ which sport you will be a fan of. Whatever it is, I will be around to encourage (as appropriate :)).

Lots of love,

P.S: My first poster was that of Martina Hingis in 1995/96. Begged for it from my librarian, it was a part of a sports magazine in India. Sportstar may be.

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