Friday, 18 April 2014

Perfect Day...

Dear Vedant,

You are in bed, asleep, taking your afternoon nap. I am sitting downstairs, on the sofa. It is a lovely afternoon. I can hear some birds chirping, the day light has filled the house. It is quite perfect.

We had a great morning together, barring your fever/ persistent ear infection. You have been such a trooper through this. You have been having fever since Sunday night and it is Friday afternoon today. Just one time you were crying since you were so uncomfortable. But other than that, you have been such a brave boy through it all. Papa brought your new antibiotic this morning and I gave you that and Ibuprofen in the morning.

You had breakfast, then we played the Buzz game. Then we took out the trash, did laundry. Aarti aunty called so I was on the phone for a bit. And I gave you a bath. You had nangu time (with the ABC blankie :)). Then we got dressed, had lunch. While I made rotis, you did 4 puzzles in the LeapFrog (Alphabelly) book. Then we ate, went for a small walk and off to bed.

Pretty perfect I think. Peaceful. We cuddled, I did not rush you to do anything, and you had a healthy lunch too.

Lots of love,

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