Sunday, 13 April 2014

Innocent Lies

Dear Vedant,

Its Sunday. Papa and I were in the kitchen, cooking dinner. You were coming in and out, filling your sippy cup a few times. I had a feeling that you are making a mess, not drinking it but putting it somewhere. Here is how this conversation went:

Amma: Did you put the water somewhere?
Vedu: No
Amma: Are you drinking it?
Vedu: Yes
Amma: Can you show me where you put it?
Vedu: Carpet (without a pause!!!) HAHAHA

That was soooooo funny! And cute! To my credit, I did not go ballistic. I just told you not to play inside but that you can take it outside and play with it :). That was so cute though, simple honest truth. You didn't even realize that I tricked you into telling me the truth :) Poor baby.

Lots of love,

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