Saturday, 17 August 2013

Zoo trip with Sesha Mama, Rukmini Atha

Dear Vedant,

We were at the zoo today with Sesha mama and Rukmini atha. Sesha mama is avva's brother. So for you they are Avva-Tatha. I told you new avva and tatha are coming and we are going to the zoo with them. You were looking forward to it.

We had fun with them at the zoo. You loved the Giraffe the most I think. Later I asked you what animal you liked the most, and you said "Leopard.". I wasn't expecting that. You were also doing what is called "galata". You pointed to tatha and said, he is Avva and the other way around. You were giggling throughout.

Here is a pic for you to remember the day.
Lots of love,

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