Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Papa is in the airport

Dear Vedant,

Just when I came back from San Diego, Papa had to leave on an APAC trip. You seem to be missing him as do I. However, there is something differnet about your behavior this time. I think you realize that since he packed, he is away for a bit and will be back soon. Even today you took out three books, one for amma, vedu and papa. and then you said, when Papa is back, "Vedu papa ko de dega". And then there is "Papa fix it." This is you telling me that "don't worry, Papa will fix it.".

The house is quiet now that Papa is gone, but he will be here tomorrow. Yipee!

The pic is the last one I took of the two of you before Papa left. And the title is because you tell everyone "Papa is in the airport" if they ask you where he is :)

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