Thursday, 22 August 2013

Driving your shiny Mini Cooper!

 Dear Vedant,

You had a ball today driving your mini cooper. Bua and Fufaji gave this to you before she left to India. Today, we took it outside for the first time. This was a target parking lot. You had so much fun with it. Papa was helping you with "Thoda left, stop, right etc.". We also sat on the big O outside the target store. You and I usually sit there and watch the cars go by. And then we make our way to the big round concrete balls, where I have a "designated" one to sit on, as do you. Dad was catching up today :).

I was telling Papa that in 14 odd years, he will be teaching you to drive, again. :). Finally, you had to do your thing. You told Papa, "thoda, left, right etc." on our drive back home! It was hilarious! Here are some pics for you (and I) to remember this day by.

Lots of love,

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