Thursday, 27 June 2013

Too big. Yes. T.O.O Big.

Dear Vedant,

This is Amma officially logging a complaint. You are now too big. Who allowed this to happen? I feel pride many times when I see you do the right things, but at other times, I want to hold you real tight, not let you go. Chipkoo would be the right word actually :) And then, as soon as Papa comes back, you are gone! In a blink! Bahut pyaar aa raha he. Be a good boy.

My laddoo. My favourite laddoo. This conversation went like this.

Vedu: Mumma Vedu aapka kaun sa laddoo he?

Amma: Kaun sa Vedu?

Vedu: Favourite wala ... (big sheepish smile :))

Yes, you are my laddoo. my golu and molu.

Lots love, sleep tight,

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