Friday, 28 June 2013

Plain Sorry bolna he

Dear Vedant,

This was positively funny but yet something we are working on. I am training you to say “I am sorry” vs. just “Sorry” since I really want you to mean it when you say it. I don’t want you to just say the words without really feeling apologetic. I had read somewhere that appending the words “I am” makes a ton of difference. Anyway, you did some gadbad and I asked you to apologize. You said “Sorry”, and I insisted that you say “I am sorry”. You then told me, in a sobby tone “I am nahin bolna, plain bolna he”. 

It was hilarious! I had to bite my tongue to stop laughing! I don’t know how you came up with it. It comes from eating “plain” roti and chaval, but too cute the way you used the words.

Stay cute, but don’t get too smart little one. Lots of love cutie pie,

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